Dinip Windows Version - Please Read Carefull

Welcome on this page / welkom op deze pagina

1) start downloading software

2) select : open

3) click icon : extract to

4) select folder : c:\program files

5) click : oke

6) close screen

7) click and type cmd

8) right-click on cmd.exe and select run as administrator (for vista and above)

9) you have now a dos-prompt (black background and white text)

10) type cd c:\program files\dinip and press enter

11) type install and press enter

12) close screen

software requirements : dot.net 2 is needed befor installation

mail or phone for activation

contact information and usage approval*
email : joop@overspoor.nl
phone 0644063638 netherlands
phone +31644063638 international

* note : use of this software needs approval, make sure you have permission!!!